Data center

Comprehensive data collection such as equipment distribution and usage behavior

Data is fully displayed between points

Enter data center, you can cilck different category to obtain corresponding data.

Learn about equipment distribution,optimize sales channels

According to equipment distribution, you can clearly see sales situation and operation status of your own devices in all regions, thus you can make scientific planning and layout for whole sales channels, and optimize market strategy.

Equipment online status and geographical position distribution

User usage frequency and length of use

User usage habits and role positioning

Scenario simulation and deduction and experience optimization suggestion

Collecting consumer usage preference to provide basis for product decision making

According to the situation of consumers using equipment, you can draw customer's portraits, learn about requirements and behavior mode of target market crowd. Also, you can easily collect consumer's region distribution, activation time, active time, etc. information, thus mastering his preference and behavior trace, Finally, providing powerful data support for product optimization and operation decision.