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Secretary, Housekeeper, Bodyguards?Sanbot meets all your needs

Sanbot Innovation Cloud Technology Company produced Sanbot robot is based on applied artificial intelligence technology application, platform, service robot. Sanbot robot is a 'secretary + bodyguards + housekeeper' life Sanbot in one complete service system. Sanbot robot provide in the form of life smarter, more humane attitude to life, a safer way in home.

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Focusing on solutions to create a developer community that is exclusive to the intelligent age

Sanbot Cloud provide free exchange platform for the sanbot users,focused on artificial intelligence.Tt consists of three plates."Frequently Asked Questions" - You can ask questions about the use of robots and get answers soon."Resource Sharing" - You are free to share the dance, music, speakers, etc."Everyone is a product manager" - You can publish a variety of views and suggestions on the robot, the future of artificial intelligence by your grasp.

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