Company brief

Shenzhen Sanbot Innovation Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with globalization pattern and international vision. Sanbot Innovation breaks through the traditional boundary, keeps pace with the times, innovates itself, and integrates the machine vision accumulated in the past 10 years, multi-axis automatic motion control, big data, cloud services and other more than 200 patent technology. It integrates with artificial intelligence innovation and start again!

Company strategy

Do platform robot creator and popularization, to promote "robot + hundreds of industry",to create new value. robot everyone, improve efficiency, release of freedom.

Core values

Science and technology pilot, people-oriented, beyond the self, harmonious together.

Company Vision

Let everyone enjoy the wisdom of science and technology.

Development goals

"Creation for Intelligent Life",Sanbot Cloud is committed to improving the product quality, to provide users with innovative products; Through the provision of objects and objects, objects and people, people and people of connectivity, adhering to the open, win-win cooperation attitude, to make the world better with partners.

Main business

Cloud service: Account management, remote control, firmware upgrades, equipment maintenance, user data mining, instant messaging, news feeds, audio and video transmission, community interaction, cloud share, content sharing to weibo WeChat, application market, cloud storage, cloud computing, online semantic analysis Intelligent hardware: Smart hardware SDK, iOS Client SDK, Android Client SDK, Windows Client SDK

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