Your privacy is critical to Sanbot cloud, and keeping your trust is our top priority.
This statement discloses some of the information guidelines of Sanbot cloud website, including the types of information collected and tracked, how to use that information, and who shares the information.
This statement applies to all Sanbot cloud's websites linked to that statement, but not to those websites with their own privacy statements. In addition, it does not apply to Sanbot cloud data processing only on behalf of the customer's interests, such as Sanbot cloud as a provider of Web hosting services.
For this statement, Sanbot cloud may not periodically add information about the special interaction with you. The agreement covers the collection, use and retention of information collected from the European Union through Sanbot cloud's websites.
• Collection of information
• Your choice and control
• How do we use Cookies and other tracking techniques?
• How we use your personal information?
• How can we protect the security of your personal information?
• Children and privacy
• Third-party websites
• Changes to this privacy policy
• Question/Suggestion
• Legal department
Sanbot cloud respects your privacy and promises to protect the personal information that you provide to us. We hope to share with you the following guidelines for our privacy policy.
Since Sanbot cloud is a global company, your personal information may be shared by the company's offices around the world (called "Sanbot cloud"). All these entities are bound by proper confidentiality and data transfer protocols. In addition, all of these entities are bound by this Privacy Statement. This statement can be replaced by specific project level documents or agreements between you and Sanbot cloud.

Collection of information

In this policy, we refer to information specifically designed to identify your personal information as "personal information" or "sensitive personal information". Sanbot cloud collect your personal information or sensitive personal information, enable us to respond to your request, these may include, for example, with the processing of your order, will you join the email list, or register your part in various activities.
Personal information is any information that can identify you as an individual, such as your name, mailing address or email address, phone number, occupation or personal interest. Sensitive personal information is any information that allows access to your financial account, including account number, credit card or debit card number, as well as any security code, access code or password required.
If you provide us with personal information about other people (such as spouses or colleagues), you must obtain permission from that person.
In most cases, you can anonymously browse Sanbot cloud's websites. When you log in to the website, we record your IP address (that is, your computer's Internet address) so that we understand which parts of the site you visited and how much time you spent. Unless you register on our website and log in with your information, we will not link your IP address to any personal information.
Several pages, services, products and forums are required for login and password. You must be responsible for keeping your login and password information confidential.
You can choose to provide us with personal information in various circumstances, including:
• When you register an account on Sanbot cloud's websites;
• When you use a few products or services of Sanbot cloud's websites;
• When you take part in an online survey;
• When you request an email or other mailing list;
• When you take part in a lottery or other promotional event;
• When you submit your personal information to Sanbot cloud for any other reason;
Sanbot cloud will occasionally receive personal information from our business partners and suppliers. Sanbot cloud uses this information only when such information is collected in accordance with confidentiality policies consistent with this Privacy Statement.

Your choice and control

We will inform you before gathering any personal information and inform the purpose of gathering information. We will ask for your permission before using or sharing your information for any other purpose than providing you with information. In order to let us know your preferences, we will ask you to interact, such as making appropriate choices to indicate your agreement.

How do we use Cookies and other tracking techniques?

As the number of sites, Sanbot cloud use cookies and web beacons technology, so that we can offer you for your custom your browsing experience and identify you in your visit again, make you more convenient and more efficient and more valuable in visiting our website.
A cookie is a small data document that a website transmits to your computer's hard drive. Sanbot cloud's websites send cookies when you visit websites, buy merchandise, obtain information or personalize information, or register a number of services. Cookies can't read personal data from your hard drive or read cookie documents created by other sites; In fact, the only personal information that the cookie may contain is the information you provide. Accepting cookies on our website allows us to access information about your browsing behavior, which we can use to customize your personal browsing experience and track user traffic patterns. The purpose of our move is to determine the usefulness of our website information for our users and to determine how our navigation structure can effectively help users access such information.
Cookies are usually classified as "temporary cookies" and "permanent cookies".
• Temporary cookies will not be saved on your computer after you close your browser.
• Permanent cookies are kept on your computer until you delete or expire.
You can browse most of the sites of Sanbot cloud, and not accept the cookies from that, but some sites may be disabled by the fact that you disable cookies on your computer. Other pages of Sanbot cloud (especially pages that require login and password) require cookies that can not be used when you close cookies in your browser.
In addition, Sanbot cloud use cookies and use web beacons to understand user behavior. The website beacon is an electronic image that can be found on an e-mail in a website or HTML format, called a single pixel (1x1) or a clear GIF. The website beacons, like other images and words, are part of a web page unless it is very small and transparent, making it almost invisible. Web beacons are able to identify certain types of information (such as cookies) on the user's computer, the time and date of browsing the web, and the description of the webpage where the website beacon is located. They are only a convenient way to collect basic statistics and manage cookies without revealing any additional information from your computer. Closing cookies on your browser will prevent your site's beacon from tracking your specific activity. The website beacon still records anonymous access from your IP address, but does not record unique information.
You may also use custom links or other similar techniques to track your clicked email links. We may combine this information with your personal information in order to provide you with more relevant email or purchase information. Each e-mail newsletter contains an unsubscribe link that you can click to unsubscribe from the link.
If you do not wish to receive cookies when browsing our site or via HTML formatted email, you can set up your browser, warn you before cookies, or warn you of cookies in your browser reject cookies. You can also reject all cookies by closing all cookies on your browser.

How we use your personal information?

Sanbot cloud responds to your request with your personal information, so we may need to share your information with others. In this case, we only share the information we need to process your request and instruct the other parties to limit the use of your personal information to the extent that you are requesting. In addition, after asking for your permission, we may use your personal information to contact you, conduct our customer satisfaction survey, or conduct market research.
We will use your personal information to provide the products and services you request, respond to the callback request, and provide the specific marketing information you requested. We may need to share your information with third parties including our business partners (for example, as part of a joint sales promotion or provide the sales opportunity to one of our distribution partners); Service providers; Shipping company; And the postal and government departments (such as the customs department).
If you have signed a written agreement between the employer and Sanbot cloud and the information about the access to / into Sanbot cloud's information, Sanbot cloud may use your personal information to verify compliance with the agreement, to authorize the license, Download the software from those pages, or track the use of other apps available on those pages.
We may also delete the information that is personal identification data to you by omission or (such as your name) the way to use your personal information for creating anonymous data records or data aggregation, statistical analysis and other purposes. Such as legal requirements, or for the implementation of our Terms of Use, or in an emergency, we will also disclose your personal information to protect your personal safety, the public or our website.
Any sensitive personal information you provide is only used to carry out specific activities or items for which information is submitted and then destroyed.

How can we protect the security of your personal information?

The security of the data you send to us with industry-standard physical, electronic and management procedures. When appropriate, Sanbot cloud's websites use Secure Sockets Layer encryption (SSL-encryption) mode to enhance the security of sensitive data transmission. Within Sanbot cloud, the data will be stored in a restricted server that is restricted to access. We will do our best to protect your personal information, but we can't guarantee the security of the information you send to us via an insecure connection. Therefore, we urge you to take all measures to protect your personal data when using the Internet.
Some ways to protect your personal data include: changing your password frequently, using a combination of letters and numbers, and making sure you use a secure browser. Moreover, please beware of trying to steal the personal identity of consumers and financial account documents "phishing attack". Phisher uses the 'counterfeit' mail to direct consumers to a phishing site designed to trick recipients into sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers, user accounts, passwords, and social security numbers. Sanbot cloud will not send an email asking you to provide or confirm personal sensitive information. If you receive such a message, please forward it immediately to and delete it immediately from your computer.

Children and privacy

Our website does not target children under the age of 13, nor is it intended to attract them. We didn't intend to solicit their personal information for children under 13, and we didn't send their personal information.

Third-party websites

Sanbot cloud's website contains links to third-party websites, some of which may be co-branded with that. However, these sites are not operated or maintained by Sanbot cloud, which does not share personal information with them and is not responsible for their privacy policy. You must take the risk of using a third-party site yourself.
Although we are very careful in choosing our business partners, Sanbot cloud is not responsible for privacy policy on links to websites operated by third-party websites on our website. Once you leave our website, you should check the applicable privacy policy for third-party websites and determine how they use the information you've collected.

Changes to this privacy policy

Sanbot cloud may modify this Privacy Statement from time to time and at any time. We will post a 30-day announcement on our website at the time of any significant change in it. Your continued use of our website after any change will mean and confirm your consent to those changes.


If you have questions or concerns about how we collect, use or disclose your personal information, please send an email to

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